Bank Reconciliation Statement

A bank reconciliation statement is generally prepared to tally the entries made in the cash book and the pass book of any organization, company or business firm, at any particular date and thus reconcile the differences between the bank balances, favourable or unfavourable (overdraft), keeping cash book balance unchanged. Such a statement needs to be prepared at regular intervals, although it is not compulsory, to checks if any discrepancies have crept in.

Sample Bank Reconciliation Statement:

Name of the bank: Bank of the United States of America

Bank address: 66, Rayben Street, Los Angeles.

Name of the organization preparing bank reconciliation statement: M/s Steeltac Corporations.

Address: 58, Rayben Street, Los Angeles.

Account Number: H3546IUT64839R9

Name of the official issuing statement: Mr. Joseph Rogers

Designation: Head of the Accounts Management Department

Date of the last statement prepared: 30th April, 2011

Description of the account: This account is basically a record of all the business transactions incurred by M/s Steeltac Corporations.

This reconciliation statement has been prepared for the time period from 1st May, 2011 – 31st July, 2011, to keep a track record of all financial statements.

Bank Reconciliation Statement as on 31st July, 2011

Particulars                                                                    Debit Balance (Rs.)     Credit Balance (Rs.)

  • Pass book balance                                                 Rs. 55000
  • Cheques issued but not presented for payment                                              Rs. 20000
  • Deposited cheques not credited                           Rs. 6500
  • ECS received dividend                                                                                   Rs. 8000
  • Debited bank charges                                            Rs. 500
  • Discounted bills dishonored                                                                          Rs. 12000
  • Insurance premium directly paid                           Rs. 1000

Balance as per pass book                                                                                  Rs.23000                                                                                        _________________________________

Rs. 63000                          Rs. 63000

Signature of the official: __________________________________

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