Bank Income Statement

A bank income statement is a documented account of the income details of a bank which validates the income of a certain time period. It must be prepared very cautiously by adding and subtracting the relevant data to derive an accurate income figure generated from the bank operations. Hence experienced personnel must be appointed to lay down the statements.

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Sample Bank Income Statement

Bank Income Statement

Download Bank Income Statement

Name of the organization: Finance Care Bank

Address: 56, Moon Road, US

Bank code number: 4200036484

Nature of business: Privatised nature of work involving extensive profits and gains under autonomous working strategies and policies.

Date of issue of statement: 1st April, 2011

Period of income statement: 1st April, 2010 to 31st march, 2011

Purpose of the statement: It is required for the concerned bank authorities to gain insight into the financial working of the bank and the exchanges made with customers who are directly related to the profits of an organization.

Bank Income Statements

The following is a summary of the annual income which incorporates the various expenses and revenues of the organization. The income represents the earnings of the bank while the expenses represent the costs borne.

Revenues earned from loans issued of all types:                                   $40, 000.00

Revenues earned from accounts opened by customers:                        $60, 000.00

Revenues earned from financial advisory to business firms:                $70, 000.00

(1) Total revenues earned:                                                                     $1, 70,000.00

Losses incurred from property disposal:                                               $20, 000.00

Expense involving employee benefits and remuneration:                    $60, 000.00

Expense incurred from maintenance of purchased property:               $10, 000.00

(2) Total expenses:                                                                               $90, 000.00

Net bank income: (1) – (2) =   $80, 000.00

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