Bank Financial Statement

A bank financial statement is the one which is prepared by a bank for a company, business or an individual holding an account in the bank. It must be prepared by professionals who are well –versed in the skills of preparing financial statements. It must highlight the account details of the customer, including details of income, expenditure, salary and withdrawals. It must be accurate and precise so that no mistake may creep into such a valuable document.

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Sample Bank Financial Statement:

Bank Financial Statement

Download Bank Financial Statement

The following is the bank financial statement for Mr. Jason Bourne, for the period given below. The report has been mailed to the customer and is strictly confidential. Any errors that may have been inadvertently incorporated will be rectified on receiving a written notification by the customer.

Name of account holder: Mr. Jason Bourne

Date of activation of the account: 12th June 2001

Nature of account: Savings account

Bank financial statement for the period: June 2011 to July 2011

Date of submission of bank financial statement: 2nd July 2011

Current balance in the account: $30000 [as on 1st July 2011]

Number of deposits made in the account during the time period given: 4

Number of withdrawals made: 5

Highest amount deposited in the account: Monthly Salary of the account holder by Sun Private Inc. [$50000]

Highest amount deducted from the account: Premium for Life Insurance Corporation of America [$10000]

Rate of interest on the accumulated capital: 3.5%

Date of last withdrawal: 22nd June 2011

Passbook last updated by the account holder on: 25th June 2011

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