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Engineering Research Statement

The engineering research statement is written by a student desiring to start a research in the vast field of engineering. The research can be done in any specific fragment of engineering. The statement includes the details about all the topics that the student wishes to investigate about in the research. The statement also ensures the mention of the measures that will be carried out for accomplishing the research.

It also carries the detailed information about the advantages that will be obtained by carrying out the research on general and personal levels. The statement should be written with a motive of achieving professional benefits.

Sample Engineering Research Statement

Name of Student: Marry Grant

Date of Birth: 12/05/1990

College/University: Peterson School of engineering and Technology

Course Name/Code: 16578

Application Number: K567

Personal Statement:

I, Marry Grant being a student of Computer Science department of engineering want to pursue a detailed research work on GM com skills, which is an advance insight used for carrying out the task of fingerprint matching, printing and image forensics, image-context matching, etc. And hence wish to create new recognition paradigms for the methods.In addition to that I also want to dig deep in the effective measures that are required to be taken for the dimensional reduction and projection. I am also keen to analyze the application of intelligent systems for an effective presentation and collaboration with the scientific knowledge. An instance for the same can be the tools based on evidences for the medical care of animals and human beings.

I will be keen to research more over the paradigms for knowledge-based systems. Such system mimics the methods and efficiency of human learning. I strongly believe that my research is capable enough of getting sponsored by various private companies and government institutes. I am also sure about the fact that my research will be beneficial for me as well as the society. It is efficient enough of availing me with professional opportunities

Thanking you.

Marry Grant,