Audited Financial Statement

An audited financial statement is a document of a company’s financial reports, which have been prepared by an auditor or public accountant. The auditor prepares a report on the financial statement of the company. It must be prepared with particular care, with all facts and figures properly entered. It should include inputs like budget, expense report and other related information.

Sample Audited Financial Statement:

ABC Company’s financial statement for the term January 2010 to January 2011

Company Name: ABC international Pvt. Ltd.

Statement submitted on: 10th of February, 2011.

Report prepared by: Mr. Walter Jackson, Certified Public Accountant, auditor.

Purpose: this report is prepared to examine the financial position of the company and get the inference from the qualified auditor in concern.


Cash and related equivalents                                                            $ 700,250

Receivable investment                                                                           15000

Receivable accounts                                                                               19000

Receivable loans                                                                                     32000

Investments                                                                                           250000

Capital assets                                                                                       1000000

Property (land and buildings)                                                              1278000

Total Assets                                                                                       $ 3294250


Bank debts                                                                                         $ 325000

Accrued liabilities                                                                                120000

Payable accounts                                                                                    45000

Capital leases                                                                                         50000

Long term debt                                                                                   1200008

Employee benefits                                                                                  50300

Total Liabilities                                                                               $ 1790308

Net Assets:

Unrestricted net assets                                                                     $ 202,000

Permanently restricted net assets                                                        100000

Internally restricted                                                                              150000

Total Net Assets                                                                                 $ 452000

Total Liabilities and Net Assets:                                                      $ 2242308

**Source: audited financial statement.

_____________________                                         ____________________

(Approval of auditor)                                                    (Approval of company)

It is to be noted that we have audited the company’s financial statements and have prepared and submitted the reports accordingly. The financial statements produced by the company fairly reveal the company’s financial position in a particular term. We enclose herewith a copy of our audit report for the perusal of the company.

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