Artist Statements

An artist statement serves as a brief overview of an artist’s work presented by the person himself. It is composed with the agenda of acquainting people with his works and explaining, justifying or convincing them about his principles, philosophy and conception of art. It acts as an effective marketing tool in communicating an artist’s goals and aspirations to his audience and plays a crucial role in determining the artist’s chances while applying for jobs, grants or scholarships.

Since artist statements mostly find their use in briefing reviewers and potential patrons about an artist’s philosophy and art theory and in promoting his art, it needs no telling that such a document needs to be composed with utmost care and clarity. Following are a few points that may come in handy while drafting an artist statement:

  • Clear-sightedness: The statement must be constructed in a way that it conveys the artist’s clear-sightedness, belief and conviction to the reader. Jotting down one’s thoughts and organizing them before drafting the statement is always a good idea.
  • Highlight strengths: The composition of the statement must be such that it champions the artist’s strengths and convince the reader of the artist’s abilities, competence and potentials. The claims made may be backed up by positive reviews and statements of praise from other eminent persons in the field.
  • Brevity: The statement must be brief, engaging and concise in order to be effective.

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