Artist Teaching Statement

Artist teaching statement is a document where an art teacher writes about his goals, aspirations, teaching style and passion for art as part of the application process to let the employer know about him and his teaching methods. An art teacher must mention how he will make the students interested in the world of art and how this will help them to get all-round education. He can also mention his past work experience and academic qualifications briefly. He must describe how we will encourage artistic growth among the students and what he will do to encourage imagination and creativity as an art teacher.

Sample Artist Teaching Statement:

Name of teacher: Mary Hawkings

Date of Birth: 9/5/1976

School: Green Leaf Middle School

Course Name/Code: Art

Application Number: 12

Teaching Statement:

My primary objective as an art teacher is to instill the love of art among children and encourage them to use their imagination and creativity. I love art and like to incorporate it in our daily lives I want the children to recognize that art exist all around us and is part of the building blocks of nature and every human. By encouraging artistic expression of the inner self and the outer beauty surrounding us, I wish to guide the children to develop their latent talent through technical advice and creative inspiration.

I have been an art teacher for 11 years and I also paint, make crafts and pottery. I hope the love I have for the subject is transferred to the students as well.

Thanking you,

Mary Hawkings,