Artist Statement

An artist statement is a document that is written by an individual in order to explain his work. The statement helps him to describe the kind of artistic work he does and the field of art he is involved in. The statement helps him to justify his work and also to contextualize it. The statement also gives a description of skill and knowledge that he has.

The statement also contains the historical as well as theoretical context of his work. The artist also has to explain that what motivated or inspired him to take up the particular field of work in which he is involved and how he started his career. It is also essential to mention in his statement that what are the most favorite things that he likes in his works.

There may be times when the work is going good and sometimes when it is going bad. He should mention how he feels when it is going good and when it is going bad.

Sample Artist Statement

Name: Roger Moore

Date of Birth: 12th of June 1982

I am a painter by profession. I mainly specialize in abstract paintings, gothic art, portrait and modern painting. I have always been interested in this profession since I was ten years old. I would observe the world since that age and store a picture of whatever I liked in my mind so that later I can paint it on a piece of paper. I believe with the help of paintings I can connect to the world and they are the only way with the help of which I can communicate with the world being myself.

The beginning of my career as an artist is marked by struggle. As time passed by, my paintings started getting circulated and I can say I have made name for myself. My paintings have been exhibited in various exhibitions around the world.