Artist Statement Template

An artist statement template is a document that outlines the details required to be mentioned in an artist statement. It is in fact the structure on which the artist statement needs to be drafted. In the template the details required to be mentioned by the artist include the kind of artistic work he is involved in and since when is he pursuing this work. He also has to mention the reason for his liking this work and the various achievements made by him.

Sample Artist statement template

Name: ___________________ [name of the artist]

Date of Birth: _______________ [in dd/mm/yy format]

I am a ____________________ [kind of artist the individual is] by profession. My fields of forte are _________________________ [various kinds of that particular artistic work done by the individual]. I have pursuing this profession since _______________________ [the number of years since the individual became an artist]. Since the age of ______________ [the age at which the individual took interest in the art form] I always _____________________________ [how the individual took interest in the form of art].

The reason for me choosing this particular profession is ___________________________ [mention in details the reasons that made the individual choose the particular profession]. The best aspects about this profession are _________________ [what does the individual like about this profession]. As an artist I have __________________________ [mention in details the various achievements of the individual as an artist]. I have received _____________________ [various awards and recognitions received by the individual for his work]. I want keep pursuing this till_______________ [till which age he wants to pursue his career].