Artist Statement Format

An artist statement is a document reflecting the level of creativity of an artist and also a way of introducing himself. It is ideal for the artist to know the format in which he should draft his statement. It is very important to know the format as that will help him to draft his statement accurately. Thus an artist statement format helps in understanding the details to be mentioned in an artist statement. The details in the format must be firm and convincing so that it can leave an impression on the person reading it.

Sample Artist Statement Format

First paragraph: The first paragraph of an artist statement must contain details like what kind of artistic work the artist does. This would be followed by a short explanation that why he does it. He can also mention the favorite aspects of his work. In this paragraph he can also mention that how he feels when the work is going well.

Second paragraph:  The artist has to make a list of words and phrases that will help him to convey his feelings about his work and the values added to it. He may also mention about the factors that make him feel good.  He may also choose to mention words or statements that make him happy.

Third paragraph:  In this paragraph he has to mention about the various achievements made by him through his work. He has to mention whether he has received any awards for his work and the kind of recognition he got.