Artist Statement Example

An artist statement is an important document for an artist that helps him or her to describe her nature of work. It is also a document that helps an artist to get recognition and become popular. The artist writes a statement to describe the various kinds of artistic work he has done. The statement may also contain the process in which the work was done and the year in which it was done.

Sample Artist Statement Example

Natasha Myers

Artist statement and explanation of bodies of work

I started my work as an artist since early nineties. I specialized in making sculptures and also creating sociopolitical installations. Later I started practicing the method of stenciling tests on objects. Use stenciled text has now become a prominent feature of my art work. I still use the same stencil and the graphite that I used to use in the nineties.

With the help of my work I try to create fantasy world, a world of fairy tales. With the help of my work I also try to address issues such as domestic violence, gender roles, themes of violence and disaster that we fail to recognize. I believe that my work will help me to get rid of such nuisances of the society.

I create installations for indoor as well as outdoor sites.  Various elements of my installations and sculptures are utilized in some of my site specific installations. In a way all of work of art is representation of one another.  My work of art has been appreciated by critics as well as by the common people.