Art Education Statement

An art education statement is a document which elucidates the various forms of art and their importance in the society. The document focuses on a particular mode of artistic work and proceeds to expand on the same. Thus it should be designed with attentiveness in order to throw light on the delicate features of artwork education.

Sample Art Education Statement:

Name of organization: Seashore Art Centre

Year of foundation: 2006

Awards received:

  • Best Art School Award (2008)
  • Award for Significant Artistic Contribution (2010)

Statements prepared by: Jessica Gomes, Art Teacher

Statements presented to: Lincoln Primary School

Time of state examinations held:

  • January-February (1st year)
  • March-April (2nd year)
  • April-May (3rd year)


Definition: Art education refers to the learning of creative forms like music, sculpting, painting and designing that puts the various personal skills to test.

History: First art school was established in Europe in 400 BC during the period of Renaissance that primarily focused on the art of masons and goldsmiths.

Qualification of trainer: A person teaching performing arts is required to be intellectually and practically trained to impart lessons effectively. Verbal skill is a prerequisite for the profession.

Models and their uses: There are a number of approaches to art education namely Discipline Based Art Education that works on internal restraint and regulation, Teaching for Artistic Behavior that works on cultivation of individual talents and Culture Based Art Education that upholds the cultural aspects.

Scope of scholarships: Florida University, Pennsylvania University and Ohio University in the US are providing scholarships for majoring in art education.

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