Affirmation Legal Disclaimer Statement

An affirmation legal disclaimer statement is one that affirms certain conditions and issues from the legal point of view and sets a code of conduct under the disclaimer statement that is to be strictly followed by the respective individual or company, whoever might be subject to the statement. This type of a statement can serve as an important reference document in the future, wherein a certain demeanour can be judged and necessary penalty actions taken if it does not fall under the scope of the law.

You can Download the FreeAffirmation Legal Disclaimer Statement form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Affirmation Legal Disclaimer Statement is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Affirmation Legal Disclaimer Statement:

Affirmation Legal Disclaimer Statement

Download Affirmation Legal Disclaimer Statement

Personal Information

Name of applicant: Kelly Williams

Age: 20 years

Sex: F

Course applied for: B.A in English (Hons.)

Affirmation Statement:

This is to state that I, Miss Kelly Williams, daughter of Mr. Joseph Williams and Mrs. Agatha Williams, have enrolled in the U.S Academy of Arts, for the academic year 2008 – 2011 [attested photocopies of my high school record and extra-curricular activity certificates have been enclosed with this document]. I affirm to have passed every test successfully and no backlogs are pending. Payment of necessary fees has also been cleared. Residential and identity proofs have also been provided alongwith.

All information and details, as mentioned here, are true to the best of my knowledge and I completely agree that any falsity identified and proven will be considered my responsibility, for which I may be declared disqualified to continue the course, if so decided.

Legal Disclaimers:

  • The Privacy Act will apply to all students and hence the individual Social Security Number must be kept carefully.
  • Any wrong information provided will be deemed as a punishable offence and may lead to heavy penalties.
  • Residential proof [or domicile certificate] should be authentic.
  • Information can be shared with only those institutes that come under the law of the State [the list has been provided alongwith].

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