Accounting Statement Template

Accounting statement template is the layout that is being used for recording the transactions of a particular account, over a specified period of time. Therefore, such a template is effective to list all the relevant transactions effectively and with clarity.

Sample Accounting Statement Template

Account Statement Dates ________________________ [dd-dd mention from which date to which the account statement are being maintained]

Name of the account holder _________________________

Type of account _________________ [specify the type of account as the statements would be prepared based on the type]

Account number ___________________________ [This is a specific and unique number which differentiate an account from another one]

Entire statement of the account: [On this section the entire account statement of a certain time period, as mentioned above, is maintained.]

Starting balance ___________________

Deposit ______________________

Interest Paid ___________________

Withdrawals _____________________

Service Charges ___________________

Present Balance in the account ___________________________

Deposits and Credits: [On this section the statement related to transaction of a certain time period, as mention above, is maintained.]

Date [dd/mm/yy mention the date on which the transaction taken place] Kind of transaction [mention the kind of transaction i.e debit or credit]

  • _________ [ date of 1st transaction]      _________kind of transaction   ___________amount
  • _________ [ date of 2nd transaction]      _________kind of transaction   ___________amount
  • _________ [ date of 3rd transaction]      _________kind of transaction   ___________amount

Statement related to withdrawals from the account: [mention the withdrawal statement in details with the above stated time period]

  • Date of withdrawal 1 _______________ [dd/mm/yy]   Amount ________________
  • Date of withdrawal 2 _______________ [dd/mm/yy]      Amount ________________

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