Accounting Statement Format

An accounting statement list the record of a transaction that took place on a given account over a specified period of time.  This kind of accounting statement is constructed depending on a particular kind of account. Therefore, one should construct it with clarity so that these statements could be referred incase of future discrepancies related to an account.

Sample Accounting Statement Format

Accounting statement prepared by ___________________________

Statement Dated ______________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph should enlist the entire details of the account. It should include the name and number of the account holder and the type of account it is. This paragraph should be constructed with utmost proficiency so that the entire account statement could be presented with clarity. Moreover, the accounting statements greatly depend on the type of account as transactions made are sometimes based on this as well. Therefore, first paragraph should be constructed keeping in mind the essentiality of the entire statement so that its importance is best depicted.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph diligently details the entire description of the account. The statement is prepared enlisting all the transactions i.e debits and credits processed with a specific period of time on the particular account. This particular paragraph should be prepared with a professional approach yet graciously.

Third Paragraph: Finally the last paragraph of an accounting statement complete all the formalities like checking or approval of the accounting statement so that it would be presented without ant technical issues and it could be referred incase of any discrepancy related to the particular account.

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