Accounting Career Statement

An accounting career statement must enlist the career objectives of a person who wishes to enter this field in a professional capacity. They must be precise and direct. They must be relevant to the job position, in this case, accounting.

Sample Accounting Career Statement 1: I plan to enter an organization which will enable me to utilize my degree in accounting to the best of my abilities. I plan to use my excellent grasp of the subject in benefitting my company.

Sample Accounting Career Statement 2: I want to join a company where my ability to maintain neat and organized records will be of use. My skills in mathematics and clerical jobs like book keeping, as well as the core knowledge of accountancy will allow me to succeed in this field.

Sample Accounting Career Statement 3: I hope to work as a tax collector which will allow me to give back to my country. I believe it is the duty of every citizen to contribute to the growth and development of society and by being a tax collector I can fulfill a dream of mine.

Sample Accounting Career Statement 4: I have a plan to utilize my organization skills to multitask and meet deadlines. I want to be known as a sincere and dedicated worker, and deadlines are extremely crucial in any accounting job.

Sample Accounting Career Statement 5: I want to work in an organization which will allow me to capitalize on my technical prowess in using spreadsheets and creating databases. I am adept at troubleshooting at a short notice and this will come in handy as well.

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