Accountant Career Statement

An accountant is a person who handles the accounts and finances of a company and does all the needed paperwork to have the accounts in proper order. To apply for the job of an accountant in a company or an organization, a person needs to frame an application, a CV and a cover letter.

Another thing which is very important for this application process is the accountant career statement. This statement is a brief account of the candidate’s aims and career objectives and how the particular job can help him/her achieve those goals or move towards them. An accountant career statement must be professionally sound and should be convincing enough for the employer to hire the applicant or candidate. A sample of one such statement is provided below for your reference.

Sample Accountant Career Statement:

Name of the applicant: Henry McAdams

Age of the applicant: 32 years

Gender of the applicant: male

Applying for job position: accountant

Applying at company/organization: Zinc Manufacturers and retailers

Address of the company: Z-45, William brooks street, Pat lane, London, United Kingdom

Educational Qualifications:

  • Completed schooling from Oak Hill School, Manchester, UK
  • Completed bachelor’s degree in accountancy from London International University, London
  • Completed Master’s degree In Accountancy from London International University, London.

Objective Statement:

I seek a career in accountancy so as to fulfill my dream and aim of becoming a successful senior accountant in a company. I am looking for a position of accountancy where I would be able to use and utilize my wide educational qualifications as well as my 7 years of experience in this field of work. Through my efforts and hardwork, I wish to help the company reach greater heights and through my honesty, I aim to be the reason for its success.

Henry McAdams