Academic Teaching Statement

An academic teaching statement is written by someone who wishes to apply as a teacher of any academic subject and through this statement he describes his academic goals, aspirations, skills and knowledge required to be a teacher. An academic teaching statement is thus the philosophy of the teacher and how he plans to go about teaching his students. Every teacher has a unique style on how to initiate and execute the teaching process. By writing the statement, the teacher gives the institute an idea of what his focus as an educator is and how he plans to engage the interest of the students so that they have their concepts clear.

Sample Academic Teaching Statement:

Name of teacher: Martha Lewis

Date of Birth: 8/4/1970

School: Georgetown Middle School

Application Number: 312

Teaching Statement:

My goal as a teacher is to instill in students a love for the subjects I teach by getting them proactively involved in the learning process instead of being silent listeners. I want them to understand the importance of academics in life and how it will be beneficial for them to work hard now.

I also have a personal growth plan and learn from my experiences every day, just as the students have something new to learn from me. I wish to be a teacher who never stops learning from his experiences and like to keep myself updated on the latest happenings in my field. I want children to also take this initiative to find out about the subject and discuss it among themselves.

Thanking you,

Martha Lewis,