Academic Research Statement

An academic research statement is a document that contains details of a research work in the academic field, stated as per the conditions and operations of the research plan. This type of a research statement generally concerns topics that deal with academics and its related fields. The research is to be conducted such that it benefits the target group it is being subject to without compromising with the basic tenets of academics.

Sample Academic Research Statement:

Research Statement on: Academics in the High-School level

Research conducted by: Jason Group of Academic Institutes

Team members participating in the academic research: John Kelvin, Daniel Brown, Stephanie Johnson, Mark Robert

Academic research statement approved by: Michael Leslie George

Executive Director

Jason Group of Academic Institutes

Date: 19th November, 2011

Summary of the academic research:

The main idea of this academic research is to have an overview of the nature of high-school education in the United States. The students’ as well as guardians’ views will be taken and studied thoroughly as part of the research work.

Academic Research Statement:

The study and analysis of the nature of academics in high-schools is a primary objective of the research work. It is an important topic worrying educationists in recent times and thus needs to be studied and worked upon to improve the standard of the overall academic achievement. The research project will be executed in a systematic manner, firstly involving the assessment of the study techniques and gauging the suitability of the materials included in the curriculum. The research team will also take personal statements of students and their parents as well as teachers to get a clear picture of the particular topic of research.