Academic Career Statement

Whenever a person is applying for a career or job in the field of academic, he/she frames a career statement which is sent to the prospective recruiter or employer through the application process. The career statement is a way through which an applicant expresses his/her interest in the job and also explains about his/her career goals, objectives and aims.

The statement also briefly tells the employer how that particular job can help the candidate in achieving those goals or aims. An academic career statement is extremely important and must be framed with utmost care and precision. The statement and its message can be a deciding factor for one’s career in the field of academics. A sample of an academic career statement is given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Academic Career Statement:

Name of the applicant: Patricia Pearls

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Status: Single

Applying for job position: Mathematics Teacher

Applying at institute: St. Mary’s High School

Address of the institute: X-45, Fifth Street Avenue, Broad way road, London, United Kingdom

Educational Qualifications:

  1. Completed schooling from St. Andres School, Birmingham, United Kingdom
  2. Completed bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Manchester University
  3. Completed Master’s degree In Mathematics from Liverpool University.


Objective Statement:

I am seeking a career in the field of academics to fulfil my aim and dream of imparting education to the maximum number of students. I seek to spread what I know and gain from the knowledge of others on my path of academic teaching. As a Mathematics teacher for high school students, I am sure of delivering the best of my knowledge and showcase exceptional managerial skills, teaching abilities and hardwork.

I am looking forward to this opportunity as the field of academics is the field of passion and where there is passion, nothing is beyond bounds.